7 Common Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

7 Common Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

Depending on your AC for a comfortable environment is not something new or unusual. 

Your air conditioning unit provides a lot of comfort over the three month long summer season in Gilbert, AZ. However, once the AC units’ efficiency decreases, it cannot compete with the extreme heat. The HVAC owner needs to know why their AC is not cooling properly and whether they need an AC replacement in Gilbert, AZ, or not.

7 Reasons That Add to Ineffective AC Cooling

Various reasons can be responsible for the low cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. Here, we will familiarize you with the seven most common reasons that decrease the performance of your cooling equipment.

Loss of Coolant

When a refrigerant leaks due to cracks in the ductwork or blocked AC components, it impacts your health negatively and decreases the cooling capacity of the AC unit. A sufficient amount of refrigerant is a must for cooling. You receive cool air only because of compressed refrigerants.

Dirt on Coils

Coils are responsible for throwing away the heat outside. When the coil gets covered with dust, this blocks the way for hot air. The blocked hot air then makes AC cooling ineffective. You should clean the AC unit soon after you face a problem with AC cooling to prevent this problem.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filter deals with dirt particles, dust, and debris. It prevents these particles from entering other AC components and circulating in the air. When you don’t replace the air filter, your AC not cooling properly will be the problem you experience.

Grounded Compressor

The AC compressor is one of the essential components of the air conditioning unit. It compresses the hot air and provides you relief during summers by transferring the cool air. If your AC is older than 10-12 years and not cooling properly, consider AC replacement instead of only compressor replacement.

Blocked Air Ducts

The air ducts circulate air in each room through air registers. Ductwork has to go through a cleaning service every 3-5 years. The air ducts need to be cleaned by a professional, as duct cleaning service is a complicated job.

Thermostat Problems

When you experience low cooling, the first thing you should check is the thermostat settings. Check the temperature settings to know whether it is according to your requirement. If, after resetting the temperature, the thermostat still causes temperature variations, get it replaced. Prefer installing a programmable thermostat to prevent repetitive temperature fluctuations.

Absence of Maintenance

When the HVAC owner doesn’t schedule AC service annually, the air conditioner deteriorates faster than usual. It starts functioning improperly. It breaks down repetitively, requiring frequent emergency AC repair in Gilbert.


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