Common Boiler Issues and Solution in Winter

Common Boiler Issues and Solution in Winter

Until something goes wrong with our boilers, we don’t fully appreciate them, and only then do we realize how unbearable living in the cold is without hot water. 

Fortunately, despite your boiler type, you can prevent many boiler problems by performing regular and annual maintenance. During the warranty period, professional help will be needed if your boiler needs repair. 

You can always consider replacing your existing unit with a new boiler if the heating service in Gilbert, AZdoes not solve your problem. 

Common boiler issues

Frozen Pipes

Winter weather can cause the condensate pipe to freeze frequently. As this pipe is responsible for safely transporting waste gasses from the boiler and out of your home, it can prevent your boiler from working. 

Boiler pipes are also at risk, mainly if they are kept in a garage or basement where temperatures are typically colder. It is a good idea to insulate all external pipes to prevent freezing pipes. The ductless HVAC service Gilbert, AZ, can help you with this issue. 

Cold Radiators

The radiators in your home may not be heating your home thoroughly, resulting in more fuel being used and, thus, more pressure on your boiler. There is a possibility that blocked radiators develop cold spots or only get warm in small patches. You can power flush your system or bleed radiators to fix this problem. For the best solution, speak with a professional for heating repair in Gilbert.

Low Boiler Pressure

Your boiler pressure is getting too low if it is around or below 1 bar. The drop can be caused by several factors, including a water leak in the system, recently bled radiators, or an aging pressure relief valve. There are tutorials on how to repressurise your boiler, but we recommend calling a professional for HVAC contractor Gilbert, AZ.

Kettling Noises

It may be a sign of sludge building up on your boiler heat exchanger if your boiler is making strange noises reminiscent of a boiling kettle. If you hear this noise, you should call a heating engineer, who will probably need to flush the system to remove the buildup. Despite its expense, this can prevent further damage, which could have resulted in a future emergency heat pump service in Gilbert.

No Heating or Hot Water

Make a simple check to see if there is a low-pressure or thermostat issue. If you determine that these are not the cause of the problem, you may have to replace a boiler part. And, even if that does not work, it may be time to consider the heating installation in Gilbert.

Bottom Line

It is a problem if the boiler is over 15 years old. As a result, the problems already mentioned will only become worse. A malfunctioning boiler should always be replaced by a professional. You will only see your problems worsen if you overlook the small initial issues.

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