How Can Regular Maintenance Help Your Heat Pump?

How Can Regular Maintenance Help Your Heat Pump?

Heat pump maintenance can generally be neglected and is a low-priority task for many residents and homeowners. Keep in mind that a well-maintained heat pump will last longer and is less likely to malfunction suddenly, requiring costly heating repairs in Gilbert. If you require heat pump maintenance in Gilbert or nearby areas, contact our skilled technicians for assistance.

Importance of getting regular maintenance

Most households will be heating their houses more regularly now that the weather is colder. The best way to confirm that your heating system will work properly when you need it most is to have routine heat pump maintenance performed by our HVAC specialist. Your heat pump’s functionality and the ventilation in your house will improve when the filters are cleaned and changed.

Regular maintenance will keep your house cozy in the winter, increase energy efficiency, and lessen the chance of heat pump failure, which means fewer heat pump repairs in Gilbert, AZ. Your heating costs will be less expensive the more effective your heat pump is. A maintenance schedule for your HVAC system will guarantee that your heat pump receives the expert care it needs to function effectively throughout the winter.

Below are some points why it is necessary to have regular heat pump maintenance:

  • Longer life cycle: Like anything with a motor, your heat pump needs regular maintenance and repair to work as efficiently as possible for as long as feasible.
  • Enhancing efficiency: Since you built a heat pump to provide more effective heating, efficiency should be a significant motivator to have it serviced often. You will spend more energy when the coils and filters are clogged.
  • Benefits to your health: Having your heat pump serviced regularly maintains the filters working correctly to remove larger dust particles from the air in your home, as well as the core of the coil, fan blades, and other components clean of bacteria and odor.
  • Enhanced comfort: Your comfort levels are immediately impacted if your heat pump isn’t operating at its best and heating or cooling efficiently.

Heat pump maintenance

Your heat pump goes through a lot during winters and requires maintenance every here. Below are some tips on how you can maintain your heat pump.

  • Check the air filters once a month. Clean up or replace as necessary.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, and debris. This includes the heat pump’s top, sides, bottom, and surroundings.
  • Clean up after the coils outside. You can spray them down if they get dirty and use a strong degreaser. Just turn the gadget off first.
  • Keep shrubs at least eighteen inches away from the sides of the heat pump to enable proper ventilation and maintenance.
  • Drain and flush the indoor condensate pan before turning on the air conditioning in the spring. Mainly if the unit is above or inside a finished living space, this should be handled by a certified service professional.
  • Even though practically all fan motors are now permanently sealed, some still need lubricating every year.
  • Last but not least, we suggest getting your heat pump checked by our licensed service professional at least once a year.


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