When Is The Ideal Time To Purchase An HVAC System?

When Is The Ideal Time To Purchase An HVAC System?

A new HVAC system requires a significant financial outlay. It won’t just remain with you indefinitely; it’ll also cost more than you’re used to spending daily. Researching the ideal time to purchase an HVAC system is one of the additional steps needed when purchasing a new unit.

How to Determine the Ideal Time to Buy a New HVAC System?

As a New Season Begins

Typically, homeowners don’t consider their cooling requirements until it is too hot outside. If you wait until a new unit is necessary, you’ll probably also end up paying a premium price. The best time to purchase an HVAC system is at the beginning of a new season, so replace your air conditioner in the spring and your heater in the fall.

You are Prepared For a System With Greater Efficiency

Even at the budget level, today’s solutions are substantially more efficient than your current HVAC system. You can get a new AC with a SEER of up to 25, variable speed, and two-stage systems. Adjustable speed blowers and modulating gas valves are other common features in furnaces.

When the Offers are the Best

The optimum time to purchase an HVAC system is when the prices are lowest. It is well known that manufacturers and HVAC firms offer varying prices depending on supply and demand. If the bargain fits your price range, it’s time to purchase a new air conditioning unit.

Of course, we advise doing your homework on the actual HVAC unit as well; just because it is affordable doesn’t mean it is the correct unit for your conditioning needs. A qualified HVAC contractor in Gilbert, AZ, can help you make a well-informed purchase.

Before it's Too Late

Similar to our previous statement, homeowners don’t truly consider their cooling demands until it becomes an emergency; as a result, the AC unit isn’t cooling when the outside temperature is 90 degrees or higher.

Many customers are making emergency calls to HVAC firms during this time; and as a result, the installation will be delayed. You can avoid suffering this summer by purchasing a new HVAC system before it becomes an issue.

When Your Old Unit Can't Keep Up

Your air conditioner displays indications of wear and tear long before it fails. You should schedule annual AC tune-ups so a professional can evaluate the condition of your unit. The optimal time to update your HVAC system is early spring or early fall.

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient solution as they can supply heating and cooling without using fossil fuels. Another excellent option is ductless mini-splits, as they create temperature zones throughout their homes without requiring ductwork. You can also readily obtain ductless HVAC service in Gilbert, AZ, whenever required.


If you require a new HVAC unit or suspect you might be, it’s time to contact Agape Air Heating & Cooling. We can help you make informed decisions and keep you up to date on our latest promotions and specials.

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