Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up?

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up?

The heat pump system works throughout the year to keep the household environment comfortable and cozy. However, it might develop problems due to excessive work that might affect its functioning. The heat pump system needs to be inspected if there is ice on the heat pump. 

According to our experts in heat pump service in Gilbert, AZ, a slight frost on the system is not a problem. However, you need to call a technician to inspect the HVAC system if there is a massive ice chunk on the heat pump system.

Reasons Why the Heat Pump System is Freezing Up in the Summer Season

Here are some reasons that can cause the system to freeze up:

Issues With the Reversing Valve

By reversing the refrigerant flow during a defrost cycle, heat pump systems may melt away ice buildup. A malfunctioning reversing valve, however, will prevent the ice from melting. To fix the malfunctioning reversing valve, you need to have a specialist on hand.

Refrigerant Leakage

If you hear a hissing sound from the HVAC unit or water is leaking from the indoor unit, there might be a refrigerant leakage that needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Insufficient refrigerant can affect the compressor and degrade the system’s efficiency. Call the experts in heating repair in Gilbert for a quick refill and fix the leakage area. 

Malfunctioning Defrost Control

The heat pump system will catch a cold if the defrost controls malfunction. Issue with the timer, sensor, and defrost relay can all affect the defrosting process.

Remove the Ice From Your Heat Pump System Using the Following Steps

Here are some steps provided by our experts in heating service technician in Gilbert, AZ, to troubleshoot the heat pump system: 

  • It is essential to see whether the defrost cycle works to eliminate the ice. If the defrost cycle works, then within 30 minutes, your heat pump will be ice-free.
  • However, if after 30 minutes, there is no change in the heat pump system, then take a water hose to melt away the ice. Spray the water over the ice-frozen area, and the ice will melt away. 
  • Let the system dry in the open air and call our heating service in Gilbert AZ, for a quick inspection because there is a problem that needs to be resolved. 

Tips To Remember

Here are some tips that you can follow and keep in mind to ensure the heat pump system does not freezes up again:

  • Refrain from removing the ice by jabbing a sharp tool on the heat pump system. It can damage the system and condenser fins, leading to new problems.  
  • Check nothing is blocking the air vents. 
  • Keep the surroundings of the heat pump neat and clean. Foliage and small objects can disrupt the airflow and affect the functioning. 

Call the Technician For a Quick Inspection

You might have resolved the problem temporarily, but it may happen again. That’s why calling our HVAC contractor in Gilbert AZ, is the best option to find an effective solution to the underlying problem. 


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